Phosphate Pre-treatment and Post Treatment

Yes, it's all under one roof.  Performance Powder & Paint, Inc., can provide our customers with the best in pretreatments of Iron Phosphate which is a chemical etch.  Our 10 stage Iron Phosphate emmersion system is second to none.  Our dual type, heavy-duty, non-silicated, multi-metal cleaner is a low foaming, mild alkaline product.  It's surfactant system is designed to remove difficult soils, oils, greases and drawing compounds.  Our 2 in line cleaning tanks also have a free flow rinse before and after each tank.  After parts are cleaned to perfection, they will either flow into our multi-metal phosphate which meets the following specs:  TT-C-490C, Type II and Mil-C-46487, type 1 & II;  or our heavy duty ferrous phosphate which will deposit 120 to 140 mg / ft2.  These tanks are also followed by free flow rinse tanks.  Our final tank is a non-chrome final rinse applicable on steel, aluminum, zinc, and their alloys. 
For those EXTRA LARGE PARTS, we can process those through our Electro-phoshate steam unit.



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