Adhesive Application Service

One of P.P.P., Inc's specialties is applying adhesive coating to metal, plastic and cloth for the rubber to metal industry.  Our extensive pretreatment system and skill of applying the adhesive has earned Performance a solid reputation in this field.  Rubber to metal bonding is the art of taking a piece of metal, pretreating by blasting or phosphating and or both and applying a variety of products to the metal.  Once this art of fusion is successful the following chemcial reaction takes place.  The adhesive will adhere to the metal surface due to it's profile or phosphate coating.  Once the rubber is applied by injection or compression the following chain occurs;  The rubber sticks to the adhesive, the adhesive sticks to the metal, thus achieving total bond.  These small and or large parts are located in all types of equipment, cars, planes, trains, etc.



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